Price £350.00

including Postage and Onine Training


Investment Breakdown


Maximum treatment time= 10 seconds

30 treatments per pen

Average price per treatment= £50



 Total Profit =£1150.00*

*Based on average times and treatments



The CryoClear pen is now available. The all new, clearly better cryo solution for lesion removal.  


Like it's predecessor (CryOmega), it uses spray freeze to effectively removal of ununwanted skin lesions.

However CryoClear delivers a continuous direct spray of Carbon Dioxide instead of Nitrous Oxide. This makes the CryoClear infinitely more suitable for facial lesions.















Continuous direct spray of Carbon Dioxide (-79°C) produces clinically effective freezing to destroy unwanted lesions.



Activate once and the device is ready for use. No time wasted on pre-procedure tip saturation, filling of cryogen reservoirs, etc. No additional accessories or cartridges needed. Simply aim and spray!



Each unit is used for multiple procedures. Generating significant profit. Recommended spray times are 5 - 10 seconds.



Simply dispose of the entire unit with normal waste when the internal cartridge is empty.

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