Innovative non-surgical fat reduction treatments. Lose up too 25% fat. Only one session required*

Ice Lipo (also known as "Fat Freezing" and "Cryo Lipo") is based on the science of Cryolipolysis.  It’s a term that combines “cryo” (icy cold) with “lipolysis” (the chemical decomposition of fat).

It is engineered to cool the fat cells to near freezing so the are destroyed. The body may then eliminate the crystallized cells in the weeks to follow, reducing up to 40% of fat in the treated area*.


This procedure is ideal for selective targets of localized fat deposits; common areas include;

abdominal fat, love handles, back rolls, thighs and bulges above cesarean section incision lines.

  • The Cryo Heads vacuum up the stubborn fat-bearing areas of the skin.  

  • The area is cooled to a controlled temperature which causes the fat cells beneath to crystallise.  

  • The destroyed fat cells are then gradually disposed of via the body’s ordinary metabolism system.

  • This results in a reduction of stubborn fat in the targeted area(s). This reduction occurs over a period of 1-12 weeks after treatment.


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The process doesn’t require incisions, needles, or any risks associated with surgical procedures.  Unlike liposuction, there no recovery time required, therefore it's possible to return to usual daily schedule straight after treatment*. 

Fat cells crystallise at higher temperatures than neighbouring cells. This is why the treatment specifically focuses on breaking down the fat cells without impacting the surrounding tissue e.g. skin, muscle, and nerve fibres.


This fantastic procedure regulates the exact rate of cooling throughout  the treatment to attain frequently maximum results for every individual client.

Treatments take from 45 minutes  up to 2 hours depending on individual needs, which are always subject to assessment. Call for more details...


*Percentage loss figure is based on external clinic studies. Individual fat losses and side effects can vary.  


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