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Treatment Testimonials
Comments from our happy customers....

Dave S

Laser Lipo customer

I always struggled throughout adulthood with “love handles”, and no matter how much exercise I did they never wanted to shift. I had the 8 Laser Lipo sessions about  6 months ago along with my usual workouts. After 4 sessions I noticed a considerable difference in size. After the 8th I was so happy with the results and best of all it stayed off. At that price I didn’t expect miracles but it really did work for me. Many thanks Dave.


Ice Lipo customer

I had 2 cryolipolysis treatments on my hips and I am really delighted with the results.  I can now wear my low rise jeans and a t-shirt without having to worry about a "muffin top" !  NU U were friendly and professional throughout the treatment. I can definitely recommend them. 


Laser Lipo customer

To all at NU U. I would like to thank you all for being a kind and friendly family Company. You made me feel at ease during my treatments. I now have bags more confidence because of my reduced stomach.

Cheryl K

Health Hub customer

My Curiosity got the better of me and I decided with a little apprehension to explore the Health Hub-Far Infrared Machine. The appearance to me was in-between a sun bed and MRI scanner with lots of pretty lights, but that were the benefits? NU:U Clinic is a warm and relaxing environment, which together with the lovely friendly team meant my appointments were always calm, relaxed and stress free on every occasion. Impressed with the staff’s courtesy, respect and knowledge of the treatment I found myself feeling re-assured that I had made the right decision.

Prior to having the treatment I was given the choice of music, DVD or peace and quiet. As I lead a hectic life with shift work as a Staff Nurse and RAF Reservist I had opted for the peace and quiet. I fell asleep within 5 minutes of the treatment. I was aware the staff were popping in to check I was ok, as it can very hot. For those 20 minutes it was truly a haven of tranquillity where I am not sure where my mind was. All I know the day to day chores and must dos were far away in my relaxed atmosphere. I was positively impressed.

One of the most relaxing and calming experiences I have had to date. I left the clinic feeling totally de-stressed and ready to tackle the world. I had the most amazing sleep that night, which is not usually the case being a shift worker. I went on to book the course and very much look forward to my sessions.

I totally recommend this treatment which host’s acceptable prices, quiet location and ample parking.

Jenny S

Health Hub customer

“I have been using the home health bed/health hub, for over one year now.

I have found it incredibly effective for control of chronic pain which I experienced since carbon monoxide poisoning in 2012.


The use of this bed has enabled me to cut down on the strong pain killing medication I used to take. It is natural and I found no side effects.

Therefore I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to reduce to pain, increase their mobility and well-being.

Kerrynn W

Laser Lipo customer

Hi my name is Kerryann and I am the competition winner from the paper. I had 4 sessions which didn't hurt at all and went very fast. The staff there were very friendly and helped answer any questions. After every session I was very shocked at how much I lost each time and drinking the fluid and doing the exercise was easy. I lost just under 9 inches altogether off my belly which is amazing and I've also dropped from size 12 to size 8 so I am very happy. It also made me feel more confident and happy. I would definitely recommend it to people.


Health Hub customer

I was told about this therapy by a friend at work, who thought that this treatment would be beneficial to me, as I have long standing medical condition Fibromyalgia. Our conversation was overheard by a colleague, a doctor who told us that in her country Infrared Therapy was a recognised treatment for FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome).
I decided it was worth a try, so I booked 10 sessions at the NU U clinic. The clinic is a modern family run clinic, small, personal, professional and friendly. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I didn’t know what to expect, but I needn’t have worried as I was immediately made to feel welcome and at ease.
The therapy is a pleasurable way of spending 20 minutes. You stretch out in the Hub (fully clothed), in a small private room, music/radio optional. You will be checked on two or three times during the 20 minutes to ensure you’re comfortable.
After my very first treatment I noticed a marked improvement in the reduction of pain and an increase in my agility. (My FMS had become quite acute, making walking far and going up and down stairs painful and difficult). I have now had several more sessions and I’m amazed at the improvement of my wellbeing. I am not completely pain-free but it is so much better and I can now walk a few miles and even run up the stairs. I have more energy than I have had for some time and I have a more positive outlook.
A footnote: My cholesterol levels have started to fall. What a bonus!
Thank you NU U Clinic for looking after me!

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*These testominals are based on each individual experience. Everybody is different, and therefore please note that individual results can vary and there is no guarentee that every person will receive the same results. 

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