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1 Body Area:  £150 (one Cryo cup. Common areas: lower tummy OR upper tummy)

2 Body Areas: £235 (two Cryo Cups. Common areas: love handles OR inner thighs OR outer thighs)

3 Body Areas: £345 (three Cryo Cups. Common areas: Love handles AND lower tummy)

4 Body Areas: £430 (four Cryo Cups. Common areas: Love handles AND upper tummy AND lower tummy)

Cavitation Inch Loss

​All body areas
One 30-40 minute session: £75
​Full course: (8 treatments) (recommended) £560

All body areas

4 Laser Lipo Sessions: £280

8 Laser Lipo Sessions: £490 (full recommended course)

The Ultimate Inch Loss Package

Packages start from £320

Discount provided for multiple inch loss purchased together. 


This consists of multiple inch loss technologies, integrated together into a specific package to produce the fastest reductions possible. 

HIFU Facial Treatments

Full face lift: £599

Upper or lower face region: £439

Under Chin: £100

Eyes, Brow & Forehead: £199

Under Chin & Neck: £299

Lower Face & Neck: £499

SMAS RF Skin Tightening

Full Face: £130

Eye Region: £70

Lower or upper face: £90

From 2 to 6 sessions required for a complete course

Laser Hair Removal

Whole legs: £240  Lower or Upper Legs: £110

Whole Arms: £165  Lower or Upper Arms: £75

Back or Chest: £220

Abdomen: £80

Bikini: £75

Lip or Chin fingers & hands: £65

Under arms: £50

Prices can vary and discount offered for multiple areas

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